Attracting new opportunities to our region for the next generation.


$1.2 million

Over $1.2 million of your tax dollars brought back to our community – including funding for fire companies, EMS, recreation, blight removal, road repair, and more.

$4.8 million

Increase of $4.8 million for our schools districts in 2021 state budget – including $695k for special education programs.

27+ bills

Introduced and wrote 27+ bills with three pieces of legislation passed unanimously by the House.


Led a top-rated District Office to help thousands of Pennsylvanians across 23 different counties access the benefits they deserve.


Protecting generations of working families through the changing marketplace

Attracting well-paying jobs to change the story across the Mon Valley, my top priorities have centered around strengthening workers with family-sustaining, reliable employment opportunities. By merging our history of building things with new technology manufacturing, we can pave the way for generations of workers to prosper and transition to the changing marketplace. I work every day to make sure our region s positioned to be on the forefront of future economic investment and growth.

In Harrisburg, I have fought to defend workers’ rights to organize and collectively bargain for great wages and safe workplaces. Our District has over 11,000 members of union households who found economic security from good-paying jobs as teachers, steelworkers, nurses, and more. I work to ensure those same opportunities are available for the next generation. I will continue to bring your voice in the halls of power to ensure that workers, the backbone of our economy, are treated well and receive their fair share.

Bringing to our region:

  • Workforce Development and Training Programs
  • Educational Opportunities for Secure Jobs
  • Protecting Workers’ Rights and Collective Bargaining
  • Federal and State Funding for Infrastructure
Nick Pisciottano meets with Pennsylvania industry leaders


  • Obtained $50,000 grant to upgrade equipment at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, supporting local student job training for aviation and technical careers at one of the nation’s top trade schools located here in our backyard. 
  • Spoke out against anti-worker legislation that would make it harder for my neighbors to collectively bargain for better pay and safe workspaces.
  • Created an online Employment Center tailored to our region that helps connect job seekers to employment opportunities.


Building prosperity through improved infrastructure, impactful investments, and strategic economic partnerships

As your State Representative, I have successfully built key partnerships across the County, State, and Federal levels. I am deeply engaged with local business owners to understand the challenges they encounter and to champion legislation to remove our region’s barriers to revitalization. I have advocated for the expansion of the Mon-Valley Expressway as a once-a-generation opportunity for our region to bet on its own future. Behind the scenes, I’ve worked with public and private stakeholders to bring businesses and jobs back to our region.

I aim to lead our region’s rebound to a more prosperous future through economic development while continuing to address our most pressing needs. With strategic investments, a holistic vision, and impactful advocacy, our region is poised to grow economic opportunity.

Bringing to our region:

  • Improved Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Economic Opportunities for All
  • Business Incentives for Innovation
  • Blight Removal and High-Quality Community Restoration


  • Brought home over $2,000,000 in state grants during my first year in office including funding for fire companies, EMS, parks and recreation, blight removal, road repair, and much more.
  • Championed at State and Federal levels for the completion of the Mon-Fayette Expressway to enable the Mon Valley to access the broader regional transportation network to increase business investment opportunity and spur economic growth.
  • Secured $350,000 to fund multiple local infrastructure improvement projects, including at West Mifflin Park.
  • Delivered over $95,000 in grants to reclaim blights, improve quality of life, and reduce crime across District 38.


Strengthening our schools to increase competitiveness and promote a secure future

As a steadfast supporter of education as an economic equalizer, it is critical to District 38’s future to invest in our youth with high-quality education and robust resources for learners. The success of the next generation requires our commitment to improving school safety, attracting and retaining superb educators, and enhancing technical skill programs. Our students and teachers rose to the challenge of learning during the pandemic, and it is now our duty to lessen the impacts and learning loss through smaller classroom sizes, cost-efficient tutoring, and pragmatic work-study programs for early starts to impactful careers. 

Bringing our region:

  • Fair State Funding for Our Schools
  • Improved School Safety
  • New Classroom Technology
  • Increased Pupil Funding


  • Supported an increase of $4,800,000 in new money for our school districts in the 2021 state budget, notably securing $695,000 for special education programs
  • Boosted school safety with $45,000 in funding to proactively mitigate school violence, provide new equipment and programs.
  • Introduced legislation to increase cost-effective, high-impact tutoring to maintain competitiveness and reduce pandemic-related learning loss.


Helping the constituents of District 38 solve their problems and access the services they deserve

It is an honor to serve as your State Representative for District 38, and I strive to be an accessible, transparent servant for our community. I am proud to lead one of the best District Offices across Pennsylvania with a sterling reputation for providing high-quality, timely constituent service. From helping seniors with tax return preparation and prescription assistance to services related to education, child health insurance, consumer support, and employment, my office serves thousands of Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth every year.

Furthermore, I have been our region’s voice in Harrisburg to introduce and sponsor a range of legislation designed to bolster District 38’s economy, safety, and revitalization. Introducing 27 bills in 2021, I have advocated for policies targeted at student debt relief, preventing wage theft, cracking down on animal fighting, expanding financial relief for first responders, and more.


  • Co-authored House Bill 1220 to increase, for the first time in over 20 years, monthly pensions amounts for Blind, Amputee, and Paralyzed Veterans which was unanimously passed by the House.
  • Introduced legislation to create property tax relief for volunteer firefighters, providing a much-needed financial break for first responders and focus on what matters – protecting our community.
  • Returned over $490,000 in Property Tax Rent Rebates to constituents in 2021 alone through my district office.


In the current Legislative Session, I serve on the following committees:

Labor and Industry

Oversees the state’s unemployment compensation system and legislation involved workers’ rights, industry standards, and workplace safety.

Consumer Protection, Technology, and Utilities

Ensures that Pennsylvanians’ consumer rights are protected, oversees public utility companies, and legislation the protects consumers from fraud and scams.


Oversees the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and ensures that transportation resources are fairly allocated to our region of the Commonwealth.


Works to attract and grow Pennsylvanian businesses and oversees economic development for the Commonwealth.

Collaboration. Dedication. Service.

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