Nick Pisciottano speaking to voters

As your representative, Nick plans to focus on creating jobs, stimulating local business, and reforming public education to lead District 38 into a bright future.

Creating Jobs

photo of workers in helmets

Nick’s main priority is fighting for your right to high-quality, family-sustaining employment. To accomplish this, Nick will work with community leaders and local businesses to invest in new technologies and build on existing infrastructure. Nick will seek to develop the local workforce by expanding availability and access to training programs with a direct pipeline to well-paying jobs.

Supporting Unions

photo of kitchen workers

Nick stands by unions and will protect workers’ rights to organize as a Representative in Harrisburg. The AFL-CIO has endorsed Nick in this election, highlighting his commitment to organized labor and the importance of unions in District 38.

Improving the Economy

By the end of his first year in office, Nick will develop a 10-year economic development plan for District 38. Nick supports the expansion of the Mon-Fayette Expressway as a once-a-generation opportunity to invest in local businesses, reduce pollution along the Monongahela River, and improve road and public transit infrastructure. Nick will champion the region’s development, and coordinate with private businesses, small business owners, and other public officials to create sustainable and continuous economic growth

Reforming Public Education

photo of school children

Nick supports the right of every child to a quality public school education. A product of the West Mifflin public school system, Nick stands for fair funding of school districts, increased state investment in public schools and special education, and the expansion of pre-kindergarten programming. Nick will also seek to hold charter schools that receive taxpayer dollars accountable, holding them to the same standards of performance and services offered as public schools.

Protecting Seniors and Working for Families

photo of seniors

The elected officials of District 38 have always been active in the community, from helping seniors with tax return preparation and prescription assistance to providing resources for education, child health insurance, consumer support, and employment. If elected, Nick will work every day with the same enthusiasm, accessibility, and commitment to serve the residents of District 38.